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You Should Know This About Insulators
- May 10, 2018 -

Different types of insulator suffered long-term ice, high altitude, filthy, high temperature, low temperature, uv, get wet in the rain, thunder and lightning, earthquakes and typhoons and other special operation environment test, successful operation experience proves that different types of insulator has excellent electrical and mechanical characteristics, climate, earthquake. Different types of insulator each have advantages and disadvantages, including hanging porcelain insulator has 95 years of operating experience, umbrella is rich, is not easy to find its inherent defects, need to run the degradation test and so on maintenance work. The suspension glass insulator has the characteristic of zero value self-detonation, there is no zero-value detection problem, and its umbrella shape is single, mainly deep prismatic. These two types of insulators have excellent mechanical and electrical properties and have a service life of more than 30 years. Composite insulator has excellent mechanical and electrical performance, antifouling performance, light weight, manufacturing process, tube sheet, the diameter and the height of the structure, not limited to manufacturing flexibility and good performance and good heat dissipation, explosion-proof operation maintenance simple and unique advantages. It is an unbreakable type insulator. There is no zero-value detection problem. The service life is over 20 years.

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