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What Is Suspension Insulator?
- Nov 24, 2018 -

"Suspension" in suspension insulator represents a kind of installation mode of insulator, which is installed on the tower or cement pole by suspension. Suspension insulator is indispensable in overhead line. The suspended insulators are now mainly divided into three categories, namely, "suspended glass insulators", "suspended porcelain insulators" and "suspended composite insulators". These three suspension insulator can be used interchangeably in the lines of the same voltage grade, because these three suspension insulator each have each advantage, so the circuit designer, according to a route in the location of the weather, terrain conditions and other factors to choose a most suitable insulator, there will be a mashup, namely with a fundamental tower above, there may be two or three different material of suspension insulator! In addition to suspension insulators, there are all kinds of insulators, such as pillar insulators, pin insulators and crossarm insulators, which also play a very important role in power construction