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What Are The Advantages Of Composite Insulators?
- May 10, 2018 -

Silicone rubber insulator generally refers to a composite insulator mainly composed of an umbrella tray (umbrella skirt or jacket), a mandrel and a metal end. The umbrella tray is made of heat-cured silicone rubber, and the mandrel is made of epoxy resin through a special process to make. Compared with the traditional ceramic or glass string, has many advantages, mainly in:


1. Light weight, high strength. Because its main constituent material is silicon rubber and epoxy resin whose weight is much lower than that of ceramic and glass, and only the two ends of the metal coupling attachment, the overall weight is only 1 / 10-1 / 7 of the ceramic and glass string insulator, and its Tensile strength is 3-4 times higher.


2. Electrical insulation and pollution flashover excellent performance. As the umbrella skirts, sheathing are used low surface energy, good hydrophobic properties, excellent weather resistance such as anti-UV and ozone, and choose non-flame retardant and self-extinguishing properties of highly insulating silicone rubber material, greatly improved High-voltage insulation equipment surface contamination, damp condition, improve the dielectric strength and fouling resistance, effectively improve the safety of electricity, basically without manual cleaning, reducing maintenance costs.


3. The overall structure increases the creepage ratio. As the high-voltage composite silicon rubber insulator in the whole structure only, up and down only two electrodes, so the creepage distance is much larger than ceramic and glass insulator string, to some extent, also enhance its electrical insulation properties.


4. is conducive to urban miniaturization of overhead power lines. Because of its light weight, it can reduce the tower load, reduce the line spacing and reduce the width of the line corridor, showing the advantages of light weight, high efficiency and low total cost, which is beneficial to the miniaturization of urban overhead lines and provides a new high voltage transmission line Technical conditions.


Precisely because silicone rubber high-voltage composite insulators have many superior properties that traditional insulators can not match, it has been applied more and more at home and abroad.

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