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The History Of Composite Insulators
- Feb 07, 2018 -

In the 1980 s, tsinghua university, wuhan institute of hydraulic and electric engineering, with support from the state "seventh plan, composite insulator was developed, two units umbrella skirt material with high temperature vulcanization silicone rubber, epoxy glass hardware and steel reinforced bar connection mode adopted different technical route, tsinghua university, USES a wedge structure. Wuhan hydraulic power college adopts the external wedge structure. The scientific and technological achievements of the two schools are transferred to the enterprise and turned into productive forces. First, the use of electric power operation departments for composite insulator performance is in doubt, to hang net running very discreet, just under 110 kV voltage class is not important on a line to hang a few try to charged the inspection. Born in 1990 in north China, a wide range of serious pollution flashover accident trial showed excellent composite insulator pollution flashover resistance ability, are popular unit of electric power operation, many departments take the initiative to adopt the new technology, expand the scale and scope commissioning, greatly improving the transmission, distribution circuit of pollution flashover resistance ability, and reduce the workload of cleaning line road, therefore welcomed by electric power operation unit. After several years of operation assessment, the power department confirmed that the composite insulator is a new anti-pollution flashover technology, and began to apply the voltage level above 110kV.

Early in the use of composite insulator, the electric power operation departments in the use of composite insulator on the transmission line 500 kV voltage grade a prudent attitude, with particular emphasis on operating experience, and from the United States, Germany imported a number of composite insulator composite insulator manufacturer hang net operation, domestic run of 500 kV composite insulator were established screening. After more than ten years of testing, the operation practice shows that the quality of domestic composite insulators is not inferior to imported ones.

In the development of composite insulators, the process, materials, testing, aging, mechanical properties, brittle problems, umbrella groups, high altitude problems, etc. The researchers in the field of composite insulators have done a lot of research, which has provided solid technical support for the development and quality assurance of composite insulators in China.