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The Advantages Of Composite Insulators(2)
- May 10, 2018 -

common rod-shaped suspension composite insulator

The hydrophobicity of the low energy surface of organic composites is the main reason for the excellent wet stain resistance of composite insulators. In severe weather conditions such as heavy fog, light rain, dew, snow melting, and ice melting, separated water droplets are formed on the surface of the composite insulator rather than a continuous water film. The conductivity of the pollution layer is very low, so the leakage current is also very small and does not easily occur strongly. Local arcs and local arcs are also difficult to develop further and cause external insulation flashovers. After running for a period of time, the surface area of the composite insulator is contaminated, and the hydrophobic property can be migrated to the surface of the smear layer. The characteristics of the silicone rubber material are unique. Under the same pollution degree, the pollution flash voltage can reach more than twice the same leakage distance of the composite polymeric insulator.

The equivalent diameter of a common rod-shaped suspension composite insulator is much smaller than that of a conventional polymer suspension insulator and composite post insulator, which is also an important reason for its excellent stain resistance performance. Under unfavorable conditions, water repellency may be reduced or lost due to electrical, environmental, etc. stress, but its equivalent diameter will not be thickened, so the pollution flash voltage will still maintain a high level.