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Structure And Characteristics Of Composite Insulators
- Feb 07, 2018 -

Composite insulator is a special kind of insulator, which is mainly used in the mortgage overhead power distribution line, which is made of special raw materials and plays an important role in the use. In the use of plastic composite insulator should pay attention to some use method and the matters, to prevent the aging of insulator, produce certain effect to equipment, and the effect of damage to the equipment, not the effect of the insulation.

Low-voltage overhead distribution lines with plastic combination of composite insulator, generally using high density polyethylene as the main material, add a aging proof agent, extrusion molding, according to the different USES of insulator made into all kinds of low voltage insulator.

This type of insulator compared with traditional porcelain insulator, can reduce cost, convenient construction, improve the work efficiency, and its damage rate is almost zero, the performance good, strong applicability, safe and reliable, is also a kind of ideal low voltage overhead distribution lines with the insulator.

Plastic composite insulator has relatively good advantage, it can show good use value in use, improve the efficiency of the project, guarantee the normal construction progress and to reduce the cost and cost of the project.

Installed in the composite insulator on the transmission line, in the process of running long-term subjected to mechanical and electrical load, sharp and cold, may appear to reduce insulation resistance, cracking and even breakdown, such as fault, potential threat to the power supply reliability, therefore, the composite insulator on-line detection is of great significance.

In high voltage transmission lines, the aging of composite insulators directly threatens the safe operation of power system, which directly affects the safety of power system. Especially unique sub zero insulator aging insulator not only prone to overheating, cause the insulator head dry crack, break accident causes, and its low flashover voltage, reduce the insulation level of the high voltage line.

The zero value insulator of a composite insulator refers to an insulator with a potential distribution near zero or equal to zero at both ends of the operation. Zero or low insulator (low insulation resistance of the zero insulator and insulator generally Ω 0 M ~ 300 M Ω) : line wire insulation depends on insulator string, due to manufacturing defect or role of the outside world, the insulation of the insulator performance will continue to degradation, when lower or equal to zero is called low insulation resistance or insulator '> zero insulator. They have a great influence on the operation of the line. According to incomplete statistics, the ratio of zero or low-value insulators is about 0.3 % in the line running suspension porcelain insulator.