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Precautions For Zinc Oxide Arrester
- May 10, 2018 -

The zinc oxide arrester is equipped with an online leakage current meter to monitor the operation of the arrester. The online leakage current meter reflects the current of the insulation and arrester discs through the porcelain shell.


(1) the online leakage current meter reading of the arrester increases significantly. The moisture in the arrester is mainly caused by poor sealing. The source of moisture is: in the production process of the arrester, the installation environment humidity exceeds the standard; The valve disc and internal parts are not thoroughly dry, and there is partial moisture retention; When assembling, leak the sealing ring and deflect; Or between the sealing ring and porcelain sleeve sealing cover between the sundries; After a period of operation, the sealing parts are damaged.


(2) the online leakage current meter reading of the arrester is reduced or even zero.

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