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Precautions For Installation Of Wind Resistant Composite Insulators
- Jun 17, 2018 -

1. In the transportation and installation of composite insulators, it should be light and light, not to be thrown, and to avoid collision and friction with all the miscellaneous parts (wire, iron plate, tool, etc.) and dust.

2. When lifting, the knot should be attached to the end accessories. It is strictly forbidden to hit the umbrella skirt or jacket. The rope must be covered with the soft cloth in the contact part when the rope must be touched with the parachute skirt and the sheath.

3, the windbreak bias composite insulators shall not be used as auxiliary tools for putting (receiving) lines, so as not to damage insulators by impact force or bending moment.

4. It is strictly forbidden to step on the insulators' parachute skirt.

5, when installing the pressure ring, we should pay attention to adjusting the ring and the axis of the insulator, for the open C ring, and pay attention to the same direction of the opening at both ends, so as to protect the discharge and protect the umbrella skirt.