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Precautions For Installation Of Composite Insulators.
- May 13, 2018 -

1. The insulator is packed in JB/T9673.

2. The insulator is installed in a sturdy, well-sized paper box, which is convenient for transportation.

3.220kV and the following products are packed in cartons, and the 10kV products are packed with 6 products in each case, and the 35kV ~ 220kV products contain 3 products in each case. 330kV ~ 750kV products are packed in round paper tube with one product in each carton. 330 kv ~ 750 kv in the packaging, in order to better protect the product from being damaged, with three radial support plate fixed first insulator, then put inside a circular cylinder, the final will be packaging film plastic bags.

4. Each packing box contains product qualification certificate and 3 ~ 10 instruction manual.

5. Equalizing ring with the carton packaging, product equalizing ring 220 kv and below cartons with 3, 330 kv and above products equalizing ring cartons pack 2, equalizing ring including assembly together of bolt, nut and spring washer.

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