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Pillar, Hollow Porcelain Insulator And Porcelain Sleeve
- May 10, 2018 -

Our country in 1936 and 1936 to start producing 1936 kv hollow, strut porcelain insulator and porcelain bushing, then to 1978 successfully developed 35 ~ 330 kv the first generation of 110 kv transformer, current transformer, voltage transformer, air circuit breaker, less oil circuit breakers and 220 kv air circuit breaker and 330 kv transformer with hollow porcelain insulator and porcelain bushing. And ac 35 ~ 330kV, rated bending load 4kN outdoor pillar porcelain insulator. Especially from 1978 to 1979, China successfully developed GN6-500 type isolating switch with 500 kv fouling resistance of strut porcelain insulator and 500 kv double column type bus strut porcelain insulator, marked the our country to ultra-high voltage strut porcelain insulator is a major step forward. In China from 1983 to 1995, basically can produce 35 ~ 500 kV bus bar and isolating switch with 4 ~ 12 kn series of strut porcelain insulator, it includes single column and double column structure and three pyramid type three kinds of structure, the creepage distance of 3.5 cm/kV. As well as SF6 circuit breaker, GIS tank type circuit breaker, capacitive voltage transformer and SF6 current transformer, a series of hollow porcelain insulators and porcelain bushing are used. In 2000, 35kV dc support porcelain insulator was successfully developed. From 2003 to 2007, China successfully developed 750kV, 1000kV pillar porcelain insulator and dc plus or minus 500kV, plus or minus 800kV pillar porcelain insulator. Among them, the structure height is 10m, the rated bending failure load is not less than 16kN, and the torsional failure load is not less than 10.0kN. However, at present, China's exchange of 500 ~ 1000kV, dc + + 500kV ~ + 800kV hollow porcelain insulator and casing can fully realize localization, and its manufacturing level is at the international advanced level.

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