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Performance Of Composite Insulators
- May 10, 2018 -

Composite insulators

Composite insulators are usually made of glass or ceramics. With their small size, light weight, strong seismic resistance, and a high degree of contamination resistance, composite insulators have become the darling of electric power work.

Considering that they are often exposed outdoors, high-voltage electric wires often face severe weather conditions such as fog, rain, dew, snow, and ice melting. In these harsh conditions, there are a large number of accidental deaths caused by electric leakage. The hidden trouble, but with the composite insulator is different, composite insulators because they are usually made of glass or ceramics, and ceramics and glass are organic composite materials, the biggest advantage of organic composite material is its hydrophobic properties on the surface of composite insulators The separation of water to form an independent water droplet, without the link of the sewage, has no conductive ability, thereby solving the problem of current leakage or local intense current.


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