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Operation And Maintenance Of The Arrester
- May 10, 2018 -

In daily operation, the pollution condition of the porcelain sleeve surface of the arrester should be checked, because when the surface of porcelain sleeve is seriously polluted, the voltage distribution will be uneven. In a lightning arrester with shunt resistor in parallel, when one of the components of voltage distribution increases, by significant increase in the current in the parallel resistance, resistance in parallel may be burn out and cause failure. In addition, it may affect the arc extinguishing performance of the valve type arrester. Therefore, when the surface of the arrester porcelain surface is serious, it must be cleaned in time.

Check the lead of the arrester and the grounding lead, the burn mark and the broken stock phenomenon, and whether the discharge recorder is burned through the inspection, it is easy to find the hidden defect of the arrester; Check whether lightning arrester in top lead sealing is good, the bad arrester seal can water be affected with damp be affected with damp easily cause accidents, so check the porcelain set of cement with the flange connection joint is tight, lead on 10 kv valve type arrester can be mounted to the waterproof cover, lest the rain infiltration; Check arrester and the electric distance between protected electrical equipment meets the requirements, the electrical equipment of the lightning arrester should be close enough to be protected, lightning arrester should monitor the movements of the recorder after thunderstorms; Check the leakage current, when the operating frequency discharge voltage is greater than or less than the standard value, it should be checked and tested; When the discharge recorder moves too many times, it should be serviced; There are cracks in porcelain sleeve and cement joint; The flange and rubber pad should be serviced when they fall off.

The insulation resistance of the arrester should be checked regularly. In the measurement, the 2500 volt insulation table was applied. The numerical value of the side was compared with the previous one, and it could continue to be put into operation when there was no significant change. When the insulation resistance is significantly reduced, it is usually caused by the short circuit of the damp or spark gap caused by the poor sealing, and the characteristic test should be done when the qualified value is lower than the qualified value. When the insulation resistance increases significantly, it is usually caused by the contact of internal shunt resistance or fracture and the separation of spring and internal components.

In order to find out the hidden defects in the valve type arrester in time, a preventive test should be conducted before the annual thunderstorm season.

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