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Insulator Fault Reason Low Resistance
- Jul 21, 2018 -

suspension insulators

The role of suspension insulators is that they are used to suspend the wire and the second is to insulate the live wire. If there are zero values in the insulatorstring, sometimes 2-3 pieces of zero-value or low-resistance insulators can be detected in a string, and the probability of the flashover of the string of insulatorsis greatly increased due to the surface. If pollution flash occurs in an insulator string with zero value, the power-frequency short-circuit current will flow through the zero-value insulator, and a strong short-circuit current will generate a strong flashover. The thermal effect caused by this will often cause a suspension insulator. The steel cap bursts or disengages, resulting in a series of serious accidents such as the breaking of the string of insulators and the landing of the power wire.

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