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Development History Of Composite Suspension Insulators
- Jun 17, 2018 -

Composite insulators are used for insulation and suspension conductors in HV and EHV AC and DC transmission lines. In the early years, insulators were used in electric poles (low pressure), slowly developed at the end of a high type high voltage wire connection tower with a lot of disc or columnar insulators. It was designed to increase the distance of creeping, usually made of glass, ceramics or silicone rubber, called insulators.

Self breaking zero value and easy to detect

The compound suspension edge has the characteristics of self breaking zero value. As long as we can observe it on the ground or on a helicopter, we do not need to check the rod by piece, and reduce the labor intensity of the workers.

The products imported from the production line are running at 0.02 to 0.04% per year, and the maintenance cost of the line can be saved. Good arc resistance and vibration resistance

In operation, the new surface of the glass insulator is still a smooth vitreous body and has a tempered inner stress protective layer, so it still maintains sufficient insulation and mechanical strength.

On the 500kV Line, the galloping caused by conductor icing has occurred many times, and the mechanical and electrical properties of the composite suspension insulators have not been attenuated after being tested.

Good self cleaning and not easy to aging

According to the electricity sector, glass insulators are generally not easily contaminated and easy to clean. The glass insulators running on the southern line are washed more cleanly after rain.

The mechanical and electrical properties of the glass insulators on the lines of the typical areas are regularly sampled and measured. The mechanical and electrical properties of the glass insulators after 35 years of operation are basically the same as that in the factory, and there is no aging phenomenon.

The main capacity is large, the distribution of the series voltage is uniform, the dielectric constant of the glass is 7-8, which makes the composite insulator have a larger main capacitance and a series of voltage distribution, which is beneficial to reducing the voltage of the insulators near the wire side and the ground side, thus reducing the radio interference, reducing the corona loss and prolonging the glass insulator. The purpose of life, operation practice proves this point