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Composite Insulator Tensile Testing Machine Structural Features
- May 10, 2018 -

Composite insulator tensile testing machine structural features:


1.Hydraulic servo loading system adopts original imported hydraulic pump unit and original hydraulic valve and high-precision wide-band electro-hydraulic servo valve to ensure high precision, high efficiency, low noise, fast response and automatic control of the test.


2.the host is equipped with a mobile protective net, which plays a protective role in the breaking test.


3. It is mainly used for testing tensile and tensile strength of composite insulators and insulated mandrels.


4. the test machine body with double frame structure, hydraulic cylinder installed on the upper beam, the piston and the sensor and the upper tensile attachment directly connected to the sample tensile test; the side of the hydraulic cylinder mounted photoelectric encoder, For measuring the deformation of the sample

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