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Composite Insulator Structure Performance.
- May 13, 2018 -

The composite insulator is composed of umbrella cover, core rod and two ends of gold. For 110kV and the following products, it is unworthy of pressure ring, 220kV and above products with 1 ~ 2 pressure ring. It can also be equipped with pressure ring according to user's requirement.

1. The umbrellas made of silicone rubber are of good hydrophobicity, corrosion resistance and aging resistance. It can effectively prevent the occurrence of pollution flashover, and reduce the manual cleaning and zero-value maintenance, which provides a reliable guarantee for the safe operation of transmission lines.

2. The core rod is made of glass fiber reinforced resin rod, with high tensile strength (>1100Mpa), about 1.5 ~ 2 times of ordinary steel, and 3 ~ 5 times of high strength porcelain. In addition, the mandrel also has good vibration resistance, creep resistance and fatigue resistance.

3. The connection of metal tools and mandrel bars with undamaged mechanical pressure connection is the most advanced connection mode in the world today. The advantages are: the connection is safe and reliable, the pressure is distributed evenly, and the integrity of the fiber bundle of the core rod is not damaged, and the excellent properties of its high tensile strength can be fully exerted.

4. The equal-pressure ring has an improved electric field distribution, reducing corona and radio interference, and the protective sheath skirt is not burned when the arc is strong. The effect of composite insulator with high voltage level is more significant.

5. The composite insulator is compact in structure, small in size and light in weight (1/7 ~ 1/10 of the same grade porcelain insulator string). It has good elasticity and does not need to be cleaned regularly. Therefore not only brings great convenience to transport and install, and greatly reduce maintenance cost and save a lot of maintenance costs, reduce the labor intensity of workers, also for the accident repair and compact circuit provides a good condition.

6. The composite insulator adopts the whole injection molding production process for production. The exterior of the umbrella is beautiful, the interface is small, the core rod and the sheath are bonded firmly and seamless, the internal insulation is good, and the interface breakdown can be avoided.