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Voltage level division
- Jul 04, 2018 -

1: safe voltage (usually below 36V);

2: low voltage (also divided into 220V and 380V);

3: high voltage (10KV-220KV);

4: Ultra high voltage 330KV-750KV;

5: UHV 1000KV AC, ±800KV DC or more;


Power systems are generally composed of power plants, transmission lines, substations, distribution lines, and electrical equipment. A voltage line of 35 kV or more is generally referred to as a power transmission line. Voltage lines of 35kV and below are called distribution lines.

In the AC voltage level, 1kV and below are usually referred to as low voltage, 1kV or higher, 35kV and below are referred to as medium voltage, 35kV or higher and 220kV or lower are referred to as high voltage, 330kV and above, and 1000kV or lower are referred to as ultra high voltage, and 1000kV and above are referred to as UHV.

Among the DC voltage levels, ±800kV or less is called high voltage, and ±800kV and above is called UHV.