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Use better insulators
- Jun 13, 2018 -

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Preventing insulator pollution requires a lot of work, which will increase the input of power companies and greatly reduce the economic growth rate. Therefore, insulators with better performance can be used in transmission lines, which not only effectively solves the problem of pollution flash, but also increases the economic efficiency of enterprises. Firstly, special anti-fouling insulators can be used. In the insulators, double skirts are added to the creepage distance, and the ratio of the creepage distance between the insulation of the insulators and the effective value of the maximum working voltage of the insulator is increased, and the requirements in the relevant requirements are met. Moreover, in its inner skirt, it is a smooth inclined plane. When the impurities are attached to the insulator, it will automatically slide down, increasing its self-cleaning property, and it is difficult to cause the phenomenon of contamination. Followed by the use of synthetic silicone rubber insulators, due to the synthetic silicone rubber has anti-aging, hydrophobic properties and other characteristics, so that this insulator anti-fouling performance is better, can effectively reduce the chance of pollution flash accident. In regions where the pollution is severe, not only the workload is large, the cost of investment is high, but the time for preventive action is not long and the reliability is not very high. Therefore, in the prevention of these areas, long-lasting anti-fouling paint can be applied to the surface of the insulator.