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The transmission line feature
- Nov 07, 2018 -

The transmission capacity and the transmission distance of the transmission line are all related to the voltage. The higher the line voltage, the farther the transmission distance is. The voltage level of the line and system is determined by the distance and capacity it is transported.

Under the same power transmission voltage, the smaller the power transmission capacity, the longer the distance that can be transported. Conversely, the larger the capacity, the shorter the power transmission distance. In addition, the transport capacity and distance are also dependent on other technical conditions and whether compensation measures are used.

Power cables generally consist of single-core, double-core and three-core cables: wires, insulators, fittings, towers and their foundations, lightning conductors, grounding devices and anti-vibration hammers. .

The high-voltage overhead line has a certain width and the ground area below the line extends a certain distance to the two sides, which is called the line corridor.