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The significance of polymeric Insulator rated voltage
- Jul 02, 2018 -

Under rated voltage, electrical equipment, generators, transformers, polymeric insulators etc., have the greatest economic benefits in normal operation. At this time, all the components in the equipment work in the best condition, the performance is relatively stable, and the service life is relatively long. Specifying the rated voltage of the electrical equipment is conducive to the standardization and serialization of production in the electrical equipment manufacturing industry. It is conducive to the standardization and selection of the design, and is conducive to the interconnection and replacement of electrical appliances, and is conducive to the production and maintenance of spare parts. In addition, in order to avoid unrestricted expansion of the number of voltage levels, resulting in interconnection difficulties, the rated voltage of the power grid must be standardized. To obtain the best technical and economic performance, the power equipment(polymeric insulators) needs to be optimized for design, manufacture, and use at rated voltage.