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The mixing process of mixing machine
- Jul 13, 2018 -

The rubber is repeatedly subjected to shearing action in the gap between the two rotating rolls of the rubber mixing machine, and is controlled by manual operation. It mainly consists of three stages: 1 raw rubber heating. The raw rubber that has been plasticized is re-refined on the machine, softened by heating, and blended with other polymers. 2 plus compounding agent. Generally, a softener, stearic acid, etc. are added first, and then a powder and carbon black are added (carbon black can also be separately mixed with a raw rubber as a masterbatch in advance). Sulfur is usually added at the end of the mixing or after the second re-refining of the compound. 3 mix evenly and remove the slice. Once all the ingredients have been added, continue to re-mix to evenly mix and remove the slice.