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Targeted line insulator inspection
- Jun 12, 2018 -

line insulator

In order to avoid flashing accidents on the insulators of the line, targeted line insulator inspections must first be conducted. When checking during the day, you can carefully listen to the sound at the insulator and determine if the insulator is abnormal based on the sound. If you can hear the sound of the discharge, it means that there is a certain problem and you need to solve it. In addition, in the rain and snow weather, the phenomenon of pollution flashover of transmission lines is more likely to occur. At this time, it is necessary to strengthen the monitoring of the environment, to understand the surrounding environment in a timely manner, and to provide guarantees for the insulation performance of the insulators. At the same time, maintenance work must be carried out regularly. In the course of maintenance, the quality of insulators must be inspected, and zero-valued insulators should be discovered and replaced in a timely manner to effectively ensure the performance of the insulators for transmission lines. Normal operation provides help.