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Standardization of voltage levels
- Jul 06, 2018 -

Transmission and distribution line

On the basis of correctly selecting the power supply voltage level, most countries in the world have formulated national power supply voltage standards suitable for their national conditions, as the basis for gradually unifying the domestic power supply voltage. For example, the United States, Japan, and the Federal Republic of Germany have set more than ten voltage levels as national power supply voltage standards. For voltage levels that require a transition, most countries use the principle of transitioning to a higher voltage level.

In the process of standardizing the supply voltage, in order to further reduce the power loss, promote the standardization and standardization of power equipment, reduce the number of spare parts and facilitate the operation and maintenance management, it is necessary to further simplify the voltage level and reduce the voltage transformation level. The development trend of voltage levels in distribution networks in various countries is that four cities use four-level voltage supply, while the average city uses three-level voltage.