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Reasonable allocation of voltage levels in urban power grids
- Jul 05, 2018 -

(1) With the increase of load, the current voltage level sequence used in some areas of China has limited adaptability, and it is necessary to adopt a new voltage level sequence. The implementation of the voltage level configuration requires an in-depth feasibility study based on the specific conditions of the city.

(2) For areas with a higher final load density, consider a gradual transition to a higher medium voltage distribution voltage. For areas with a lower final load density and longer power supply distances, higher medium voltage distribution voltages may also be considered.

(3) In order to avoid affecting the reliability of power supply during the introduction of new voltage levels, it is possible to install grids of different distribution voltage levels by grid connection.

(4) For regions adopting a new voltage level sequence, an internationally popular method of gradual encroachment can be adopted, and after several years of gradual transition, a target voltage level sequence pattern is formed.