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Rated voltage of electrical equipment
- Jul 03, 2018 -

transformer substation

The power grid voltage is graded, and the rated voltage of the power equipment in each level of the grid is quite different.

The rated voltage level of the power grid is formulated and promulgated by the state through comprehensive analysis and demonstration according to the needs of national economic development, the rationality of technology and economy, and the manufacturing level of electrical equipment.

Rated voltage of electrical equipment = rated power x resistance

The rated voltage of the appliance is calculated in the same way as the normal voltage calculation, but is usually a fixed value to match the power supply system. The rated voltage of the electrical equipment is the same as the rated voltage of the power grid. In fact, due to voltage losses in the power grid, the actual voltage at each point deviates from the nominal value. In order to ensure the good operation of the electrical equipment, the state has strict regulations on the deviation of the voltage of the power grids at all levels. Obviously, the electrical equipment should have a wider operating voltage range than the power grid voltage tolerance.