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Overhead lightning protection line disconnection caused by wear of suspension clamps and prevention
- Aug 14, 2018 -

overhead suspension clamps.png

First, the cause analysis

(1) Due to the action of the wind, the relative movement between the hull and the hanging plate of the suspension clamp is generated, and the hanging plate swings around the hull hanging axis at a small angle. Because the hanging plate is thin, the swinging effect is like the groove mark under the cutting of the blade, which causes the force cross section of the hull hanging shaft to become smaller and smaller. When the groove mark reaches a certain degree, under the weight of the lightning protection line itself, the wire clamp The hull is dropped from the suspension clamp, and the lightning strike line is grounded;

(2) The suspension clamp is too large or the lightning protection line is not pressed. The lightning protection line and the line clamp hull generate relative motion under the action of the wind, causing the wear of the lightning protection line; under the action of wind or strong lightning current, scraping Or the lightning protection line is blown, causing the lightning protection line to fall off from the suspension clamp, and an accident similar to the above occurs.