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Operating requirements for fittings
- Aug 16, 2018 -

The following conditions should not occur in the running fittings


1.The deformation of the fittings, corrosion, burns, cracks, and the joints of the fittings are not flexible, and the safety factor after wear is less than 2.0;

2.The anti-vibration hammer, damping wire, spacer rod and other anti-vibration fittings are displaced;

3.The shielding ring and the equalizing ring are inclined and loose;

4.There should be no following conditions for the connection of the fittings:

5.Appearance bulge, crack, burn, slip or break at the exit, the bending does not meet the requirements of the relevant regulations;

6.The temperature of the connecting fitting is higher than the temperature of the wire by 100 ° C, and the temperature of the jumper is higher than the temperature of the wire by 100 ° C;

7.The ratio of the voltage drop of the connecting fitting to the voltage drop of the same length of the wire is greater than 1.2;

8.The splice is overheated or the connecting bolt is loose;

9.After the inspection of the metal fittings, it was found that the burns were severely burned, broken or crimped (with taps or displacements).