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- Jul 09, 2018 -


Mixing is a process in which raw rubber or plasticized raw rubber and compounding agent are refined into a rubber compound by a rubber mixing machine, which is the most important production process for rubber processing.

Mixing means that in order to improve the physical and mechanical properties of rubber products, improve the processing process, and reduce the production cost, it is necessary to add various compounding agents such as fillers, reinforcing agents, accelerators, vulcanizing agents, etc. to raw rubber or plastic glue. Anti-aging agent, anti-scorching agent, etc., these compounding agents are solid, liquid and other materials, and the various compounding agents added are uniformly dispersed to ensure the uniform properties of the rubber compound. Therefore, the process of uniformly dispersing various compounding agents into the raw rubber or plasticizing rubber on the rubber mixing machine is called kneading, and the compound prepared by kneading is called a mixing rubber.