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Method for reducing corridors of high-voltage overhead lines
- Nov 19, 2018 -

1-Multi-circuit towers with the same tower, that is, multiple lines are set up in the same tower;

2-Compact overhead transmission lines.

Parallel lines on the same pole. Multi-circuit and parallel racks are used to erect multiple lines in the same line corridor, which improves the transmission capacity and thus reduces the land for the corridors. However, the arrangement of the multi-circuit line and the configuration of the relay protection should be carefully considered to make the line strike. It is not disconnected at the same time to ensure the reliability of multi-circuit transmission is the same as that of single-pole single-circuit.

Compact overhead power lines. It has different basic characteristics from conventional transmission lines: 1 phase conductor adopts multi-split structure and increases conductor spacing; 2 reduces phase-to-phase distance, avoids phase-to-phase short circuit caused by vibration of wind-blown wire, and uses phase-spacer to fix phase-to-phase distance between phases; A form of tower structure without interphase.