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Measuring electrical insulator creepage distance(1)
- Jun 27, 2018 -

Measuring electrical insulator creepage distance(1).jpg

When manually measuring the creepage distance of transportation equipment, it is necessary to use a ladder or aerial work vehicle to perform aerial work in the event of a power outage of the equipment. At least two people are required to measure, more than one person cooperates, and time is long. At the same time, measurement on the ontology will occupy Valuable equipment is outage repair time, and there are personal and equipment safety risks in high places. The use of three-dimensional laser scanning technology requires no equipment power outages and can be performed at any time. The measurement work can be completed in as few as one person, and the measurement speed is fast. Batch measurements can be performed on multiple devices at the same time. Each device under test can be individually modeled in three dimensions to perform comprehensive data analysis. 

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