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Maintenance of fuse
- Feb 07, 2018 -

In the low-voltage distribution system security protection fuse is the function of an electric appliances, fuse is widely used in power grid and power equipment protection, when the grid or electrical equipment fault or overload occurs, can cut off the circuit automatically, to avoid electrical equipment is damaged, the spread of accident prevention.

Fuse (or support), an insulating base contact, melt and so on, the melt is main part of the fuse, the melt is equal to the series in a special circuit conductor, when circuit short circuit or overload, current is too large, the melt in overheating and melting, thus to cut off the circuit. The melt is often made of filaments, grilles, or sheets. The melt material has the characteristics of low melting point, stable characteristic and easy to fuse. Lead tin alloy, silver-plated copper, zinc, silver and other metals are generally used. In the process of circuit breaker, the arc is produced. In order to safely and effectively extinguish the arc, the melt is usually installed in the fuse housing, and measures are taken to quickly extinguish the arc.

The fuse has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use and low price, which is widely used in low pressure system.