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Insulators Pollution flashover
- Jun 19, 2018 -

insulator pollution flashover

Insulators or bushings of high-voltage transmission and transformation equipment contaminated with filth (industrial contamination, salt, etc.), when exposed to moisture (especially fog, dew, frost or light snow), the flashover voltage is significantly reduced, even at the flashover of the electrical equipment at the operating voltage causes a serious accident.

This condition is called pollution flashover and can be prevented by improving the insulation design and regular cleaning.

When a destructive discharge occurs along a solid insulating surface in a gas or liquid dielectric, this is called flashover. Common is the flashover that occurs along the interface between gas and solid dielectrics. For example,a destructive discharge along the surface of the insulator string along the surface of the bushing is called flashover. Therefore, the word flashover is limited to the discharge of special conditions.