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Insulator core rod drawing speed
- Aug 07, 2018 -

Insulator core rod.png

At the speed of pulling the rod, it takes a certain time for the epoxy resin to cure, which limits the speed at which the mandrel is produced. The curing time is divided into two parts; 1. The time in the mold, that is, the time for molding the mandrel; 2. The time after passing through the oven.The layer is solidified. Due to the length limitation of the molding die, the molding time is not long, but the depth of curing must be ensured, so that the stick is slow. Cracks occur when the speed is too fast and the curing depth is insufficient. The oven is to ensure that the resin is completely cured and its length.The degree of selectivity is large and is not the main factor limiting the speed of the rod.

Therefore, the choice of curing agent directly determines the production efficiency of the rod.