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Insulator contamination characteristics
- Jun 11, 2018 -

(1) High salt density, high gray density, and large gray-salt ratio. Most gray salt ratio is about 4-6 times;

(2) The rainfall distribution is uneven during the year, and the rainfall is mainly concentrated in the summer, resulting in a long period of fouling in the fall and winter. The pollution flashes are likely to occur during late winter/early spring fog or early spring rain. This is especially important when considering the self-cleaning properties of insulators;

(3) Double shed insulators have larger creepage than standard insulators, and have better self-cleaning performance than anti-fog insulators. Therefore, they have achieved good results in most areas

    (4) Various pollutants in the atmosphere will cause rapid accumulation of insulators in heavy fog or light rain, which is more obvious in heavy pollution areas. Therefore, this situation must be taken into account when selecting an open type shed, especially for the sudden wet deposition that occurs once in several decades.