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Insulator appearance inspection
- Sep 21, 2018 -

126kV composite polymer post insulator

The appearance of the composite insulator can directly reflect whether the insulator is defective. In the visual inspection, the shed of the composite insulator and the sheath and the adhesive are inspected. The aging condition of the observation period and the corrosion of the end are as follows. In the case, the insulator is a direct scrap product.

1 The shed is catalyzed by corrosion and ruptured.

2 Electrical or electrical traces appear on the shed and sheath, and all of its length is greater than one tenth of the creepage distance of the insulator or that the etched depth is greater than 30% of the material layer at the designed location.

3 Degumming sealant failure degumming occurs.

4 water repellency decreased.