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Improve Insulator Flash Method
- Jun 21, 2018 -

Insulator flashover breakdown

Different types of voltages are applied to the same insulating material, and the electrical properties exhibited by the materials are also different. For insulation systems made of insulators in vacuum, the creepage characteristics of the insulators are also related to the applied voltage. In most cases, the flashover voltage of insulators with a pulsed voltage applied to a vacuum decreases with the duration of the pulse voltage (pulse width), which is the pulse width of the pulsed power supply. The most obvious is the ns-ms interval. In addition, it has been found that in many cases, the flashover voltage of the insulator at the power frequency (50/60Hz) is lowest.The flashover phenomenon of the insulator under different vacuum degrees (gas pressure range between 10-6~105Pa).With stainless steel electrodes and PTFE insulators, alternating current, direct current, and pulse voltages were applied.In the pressure range of 1×10-6 to 6×10-1Pa, the change in gas pressure hardly affected the occurrence of flashover voltage along the surface.That is, the surface flashover voltage of the insulator is independent of the gas pressure (or degree of vacuum) in the above air pressure range.