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How to use epoxy resin
- Jul 24, 2018 -


Add and use based on user recipes.


This product has stable indoor storage performance at 5°C-35°C for a long time.

Packaging product

Packed in 25 kg plastic drums.

1. Various forms.

2. Easy to cure. Epoxy resin system can be cured in the temperature range of 0-180 °C by using various curing agents.

3. Strong adhesion. The presence of polar hydroxyl and ether linkages inherent in the epoxy resin molecular chain provides high adhesion to a wide variety of materials. When the epoxy resin is cured, the shrinkage is low, and the internal stress generated is small, which also contributes to an improvement in adhesion strength.

4. Low shrinkage, Electrical performance, Chemical stability, Dimensional stability, Resistant to mold.

5. Mechanical properties. The cured epoxy resin system has excellent mechanical properties.