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How to choose curing agent (1)
- Jul 30, 2018 -

Consider the variety and performance of curing agent


The type of curing agent has a great influence on the mechanical properties, heat resistance, water resistance and corrosion resistance of the cured product. For example, the curing agent of aromatic polyamine, imidazole, acid anhydride and the like has higher heat resistance than fat. Group polyamine, low molecular weight polyamide curing agent; aromatic acid anhydride cured epoxy resin is better than aromatic diamine and aliphatic polyamine curing agent; triethylene tetramine curing agent has good alkali resistance, but acid resistance and Formaldehyde resistant solution is poor. The alicyclic polyamine (e.g., isophorone diamine) cured epoxy resin is excellent in chemical resistance. The anhydride curing agent curing epoxy resin has better alkali resistance than acid resistance. Appropriate curing agents should be selected for different applications and performance requirements.