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How the fuse works
- Feb 07, 2018 -

The use of a metal conductor as a melt series in a circuit, when overload or short circuit current.

An electrical appliance in a circuit that is fused by its own heat. The fuse structure is simple, easy to use, widely used in power system, various electrical equipment and household appliances as protective devices.

A fuse is an electrical appliance that causes the melt to fuse and disconnect the circuit when the current exceeds the specified value. The fuse is based on a period of time after the current exceeds the regulation value, and the melt is melted by the heat generated by itself, thus the circuit is disconnected. A current protector made from this principle. The fuse is widely used in high and low voltage power distribution systems and control systems, as well as electrical equipment, which is one of the most common protective devices for short circuit and overcurrent.