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How is the anti pollution effect of composite insulators?
- Feb 22, 2018 -

How is the anti pollution effect of composite insulators? To understand the effect of pollution resistance, we must first make clear the overall structure of the composite insulators.

The composite insulator is designed with a compact structure, high quality and weight is the 1/10 of the same grade porcelain and glass insulator, and the transportation and installation are very convenient. It is suitable for filth area, high mechanical tensile load, large span and compact line. The pollution flashover voltage is increased by 30%-50% than that of the same grade porcelain and glass insulators. The performance is stable at -60 degree --+200 degree environment temperature, and the non - breakdown design is used, and no zero measurement is needed in operation.

(1) excellent filth performance. Silicone rubber sleeve material surface is not only hydrophobic in the new time, but also in the circuit operating conditions, when the temporary loss of hydrophobicity, but also to restore its hydrophobicity. Water forms water droplets on the surface of the material, and the very thin film of silicone rubber liquid substantially engulfs the waste, thereby inhibiting the dissolution of ionic species in the water, providing a very high surface resistance for the Longcheng Information Network, reducing the leakage current and increasing Foul flashover voltage. This performance even when the silicone rubber material aging also remain. As a result, the reliability of the electrical energy transmission is improved and the cleaning and maintenance costs of the insulator are obviously reduced.

(2) excellent resistance to ultraviolet light, corrosion-resistant, Xiamen can not trace the recycling of waste

(3) small size, light weight 110kv / 100kn composite long rod insulator weight is only 12% of the corresponding 70kn porcelain insulators. This light weight greatly saves installation and transportation costs. It tends to be free of cranes and is particularly suitable for the erection and maintenance of line emergency repair and inaccessible mountainous lines. It can also simplify the tower structure and allow a larger span Reduce the number of poles); and for the development of compact lines provided the conditions.

(4) Production and delivery times are much shorter than porcelain insulators

(5) does not require insulation resistance zero value detection.

(6) no brittle defects This feature is not only conducive to installation and transportation, but also makes it more tolerant of arc than porcelain insulator washing machine is much higher

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