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Flat vulcanizing machine working principle
- Sep 05, 2018 -

When the flat vulcanizing machine is working, the hot plate heats up the rubber and crosslinks the rubber molecules, and the structure changes from a linear structure to a mesh-shaped body structure, which is a product that can obtain certain physical and mechanical properties, but the rubber compound After being heated, it begins to soften, and at the same time, the moisture and volatile substances in the rubber compound are vaporized. At this time, the hydraulic cylinder is used to give sufficient pressure to fill the mold, and the formation of bubbles is restricted, so that the structure of the product is dense. To. If it is a tape laminate, the glue and the cloth can be firmly adhered. In addition, sufficient pressure is applied to prevent the phenomenon of overflow of the mold, lack of glue, and pores of the sponge.