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Flat vulcanizing machine features
- Sep 03, 2018 -

1. The moving template is fast rising, slow locking and fast falling. The mold can be adjusted slowly and slowly, and the exhaust speed can be adjusted separately to improve production efficiency.

2. The oil pump motor stops working when the product is vulcanized, and has automatic pressure compensation function and oil pump stop delay. The oil circuit configuration is more reasonable and reliable.

3, deflation time, deflation times, heating temperature, vulcanization time can be set, easy to operate.

4, with automatic, semi-automatic two working modes. Set the working mode of the conventional vulcanizing machine and transfer the working mode of the mold to meet the technical requirements of the special rubber compound.

5. The hydraulic cylinder is equipped with advanced technology, reliable sealing and long service life.

6, the electrical system uses PC full computer control, full touch screen, control is more convenient, accurate and reliable.

7. The hydraulic station adopts the combination of imported gear pump and medium and high pressure vane pump, hydraulic device and proportional pressure flow compound valve control. Low noise and low energy consumption.