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Flat vulcanizer advantages
- Aug 28, 2018 -

Flat vulcanizer advantages.png

1.Under a certain center distance, it is allowed to install a hydraulic cylinder of a larger diameter, thereby reducing the number of hydraulic cylinders, and having a simple structure and a small amount of maintenance.

2.The upper beam is reasonably stressed, and the required section modulus is much smaller than the column type, which can be reduced.

The electric heating tube of the electrothermal flat vulcanizing machine is mainly used for the heating of the vulcanizer template, and is made of stainless steel pipe or ordinary iron pipe. It is divided into single head and double head pipe, and the surface temperature of the pipe is high under the working condition, and the heat is high. State insulation and leakage current requirements, internal design uses high temperature magnesium oxide powder and anti-oxidation heating wire.