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Epoxy Resin Guide
- Jul 24, 2018 -

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Epoxy resin and epoxy resin adhesive itself are non-toxic, but due to the addition of solvents and other toxic substances in the preparation process, many epoxy resins are “toxic”, and the domestic epoxy resin industry is undergoing water-based modification, avoiding addition, etc. Ways to keep the epoxy resin "non-toxic" in its true color. Epoxy resins are generally used in conjunction with additives to achieve application value. Additives can be selected according to different uses. The commonly used additives are as follows: (1) curing agent; (2) modifier; (3) filler; (4) diluent; (5) others. Among them, the curing agent is an indispensable additive. Whether it is used as a binder, a coating or a castable, a curing agent is added, otherwise the epoxy resin cannot be cured. Due to the different performance requirements, there are different requirements for epoxy resin and additives such as curing agents, modifiers, fillers and diluents.