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End fittings maintenance contents
- Aug 17, 2018 -

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Check whether the bolts of the guide and ground suspension points are loose or loose.

The insulator has traces such as flashover, cracks or bruises.

The anti-line clamps have loose or worn wires.

Check that the connection gold of the insulator string has no rust and is in good condition.

Check the iron crossarm for corrosion and deformation;

The inspection gold has no rust, deformation, burns, cracks, and the joint should be flexible; whether the bolt is tight and there is no cap; whether the split pin is rusted, broken or detached.

Check that the shielding ring and the pressure equalizing ring should not be loose or deformed, and the pressure equalizing ring must not be reversed.

Check the wiring fittings should not appear in the appearance of bulging, cracks, burns, slips or broken strands at the exit.