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End fittings
- Aug 08, 2018 -

composite insulator end fitting.png

Iron or aluminum metal accessories widely used for transmission lines, collectively referred to as end fittings. Most of the metal fittings need to withstand large pulling forces during operation, and some must also ensure good electrical contact.

There are many kinds of metal fittings, such as various clamps for installing wires, various hanging loops constituting insulator strings, various crimping tubes for connecting wires, repair pipes, and various types of spacer bars on split wires. In additionthe various types of cable fittings used in pole towers, and the size of the protective conductors, they must be matched. It is related to the safety of the wire or tower, even if one is damaged, it may cause line failure. Therefore, the quality, proper use and installation of the fittings have a certain impact on the safe transmission of the line.