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Detailed process of the injection process
- Sep 14, 2018 -

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Feeding: Since injection molding is a batch process, it needs quantitative (constant volume) feeding to ensure stable operation, plastic plasticization is uniform, and higher quality plastic parts are obtained.

Plasticization: The process of converting the molding material into a continuous homogenized melt by heating, compacting and mixing in the barrel of the injection machine.

Injection: The plunger or screw starts from the metering position in the barrel, and a high pressure is applied through the injection cylinder and the piston to pass the plasticized plastic melt through the barrel.

The nozzle at the front end and the gating system in the mold are quickly fed into the closed cavity. The injection can be subdivided into three stages: flow filling, pressure filling and backflow.

Cooling: When pouring the plastic of the system and freezing, it is no longer necessary to keep the pressure. Therefore, the plunger or screw can be returned, the pressure of the plastic melt in the cylinder can be removed, and new material can be added, and the mold can be introduced at the same time. The cooling medium such as water, oil or air is cooled to further cool the mold. This stage is called cooling after the gate is frozen. In fact, the cooling process begins when the plastic melt is injected into the cavity, which includes the period from filling, holding, to demolding.

Demoulding: The plastic part can be opened by cooling to a certain temperature, and the plastic part is pushed out of the mold under the action of the pushing mechanism.