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Curing temperature of curing agent
- Jul 26, 2018 -

The curing temperatures of the various curing agents vary, and the heat resistance of the cured materials also varies greatly. In general, a cured product excellent in heat resistance can be obtained by using a curing agent having a high curing temperature. For the addition polymerization type curing agent, the curing temperature and heat resistance are increased in the following order:


Aliphatic polyamine <alicyclic polyamine <aromatic polyamine <phenolic acid anhydride


The heat resistance of the catalytic addition-type curing agent is generally at the aromatic polyamine level. The anionic polymerization type (tertiary amine and imidazolium antimony) and the cationic polymerization type (BF3 complex) have substantially the same heat resistance, mainly because the initial reaction mechanism is different, but eventually the ether-bonded network is formed. structure.