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Application of creepage distance (2)
- Jun 26, 2018 -

Specifically, under different conditions of use, since the insulating material around the conductor is polarized, the insulating material exhibits electrification, and the radius of the charged area (circular when the conductor is circular) is the creepage distance. The size of the creepage distance is directly related to the working voltage, insulation material, etc. At the same time, attention is paid to different use environments, such as air pressure and pollution.

Creepage distances and clearances are two concepts that must be met at the same time to judge, and cannot be substituted for each other. The size of the gap depends on the peak value of the operating voltage, and the overvoltage level of the grid has a greater impact on creepage distance. Depending on the effective value of the operating voltage, the CTI value of the insulating material has a great influence on it. Both conditions must be satisfied at the same time, so by definition, the creepage distance cannot be less than the clearance at any time. Of course, for two charged bodies, it is usually impossible to design a creepage distance smaller than the electrical clearance.