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Advantages of glass insulators
- Feb 07, 2018 -

Due to the high mechanical strength of the glass insulator surface, the surface is not easy to crack. Glass dielectric strength generally remain unchanged during the whole operation, and the aging process is much more slowly than porcelain, so the glass insulator is mainly due to the damaged and destroyed, in the first years running, but the defects of porcelain insulator only after running a few years to find.

The use of glass insulators can cancel the electrified periodic preventive tests carried out by insulators during operation. This is because every damage to the tempered glass can cause damage to the insulator, which is easy to find when the operator is on the line. When the insulator is damaged, the glass fragment near the steel cap and the iron foot is stuck, and the mechanical strength of the remaining part of the insulator is enough to prevent the insulator string from breaking off.

The raw material used to make glass insulators is more stable than the raw materials used in the manufacture of electric porcelain, which has created favorable conditions for the stability of the electrical properties and mechanical properties of the glass.